Dream Readers’ and Writers’ Myth Circles

Dream Readers’ Myth Circles around the world. 

Dream Reader? Are you reading any one of my Trilogy of Dreams Along the Way books? This group is for anyone interested in beginning or continuing to work with dreams through the energy and creativity of a group with the added bonus of writing prompts to expand their dream work.

Join the next Tuesday Dream Readers' Myth Circle!

When: Tuesday circle begins again September 21, 2021 and continues through the evening of November 23, 2021 from 7:30-9:00 PM,  

That’s 10 evenings of group meditation, journalling and dream sharing.  PLEASE JOIN US! 

Fee: $160  payable upon registration. Canadian dreams simply send direct payment via Interac and registration to pecgregor@gmail.com. Non-Canadian dreams, click the Buy Now button below to make payment via Pay Pal. Complete the subscription form to ensure I HAVE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION! 

You may Register Manually via Email here: pecgregor@gmail.com

This is 10 Tuesday night sessions from 7:30 – 9:00 PM.

Join Our Friday Dream Readers' Myth Circle!

Friday Noon Circle Begins Again September 24 and circles through November 12, 2021 inclusive. We welcome both new and experienced Dream WritersMyth Circle participants!

That’s eight noon hour Circles of group meditation, journaling and dream sharing conversation. Friday Afternoons from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, September 24 and continues to November 12, 2021. 

What: Eight sessions of Dream reading, writing and conversation!

Fee: $120  payable upon registration. Canadian dreams simply send direct payment via Interac together with registration details: Name, email and phone number to pecgregor@gmail.com. Outside Canada please complete the subscription form on the website and click the Buy Now button below to pay via PayPal. 

You will receive a Zoom link via email prior to the beginning of the first circle.  

You may Register Manually via Email here: pecgregor@gmail.com

This includes 8 Friday Afternoons from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

The Background of Dream Readers Myth Circles.

Gather the Women and Save the World. Messages from Mother.

The Millionth Circle™ (www.millionthcircle.org) has a short and wonderful international history. Two women, Elly Pradervand and Peggy Sebara, originated the idea in Geneva. Jean Shinoda Bolen worked with them and then together with 20 other women leaders formalized and operationalized The Millionth Circle.

You can find many books by Jean Shinoda Bolen including The Millionth Circle™ and Messages from Mother: Gather the Women and Save the World via your Library card, order from Abe’s Second Hand Books, or download to your kindle.  

In March 2020 with the onset of Covid-19, Pat Zawada joined Beth McCann and I together with a dozen other women in Dreams and Meditation via Zoom. By May, there were two groups: one of dreamers and one of yoga people with some of both in each! One evening, Pat asked if I would gather a book reading group. I was hesitant. She persisted. That conversation became the first Dream Readers’ Myth Circle. Our intention?

We share the vision and intention of Circles around the world. Every woman who heals herself heals the world.  Dreams are the great inner healer. We carry Her around with us always. We often fail to notice that we fail to notice. Each Circle session we become more aware. Dream Readers’ Myth Circle encourages connection, cooperation, compassion, and courageous living. Together we heal with and for one another and the world.

Now, Dreams Along the Way is forming its fourth circle. Please join and bring I, the Woman Planted the Tree and invite a friend to purchase the book and join you in the Circle.  

And when we reach 12 participants, the number of completion and wholeness, we will form yet another Dream Readers’ Myth Circle. The labyrinth of The Millioneth Circle, healing and dreams is everlasting.

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