Dreams, Sovereignty & Wise Woman Ways

A Conversation Series:
Dreams, Sovereignty & Wise Woman Ways

Authors Pearl Gregor and Marisa Goudy collaborate with a new conversation series called Dreams, Sovereignty, and Wise Woman Ways.

Pearl is the author of three books including I, The Woman, Planted The Tree and Cauldron the Feminine. She offers dream workshops and is the founder of The Dream Readers’ Myth Circles.

Marisa is the author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic. She is a story healer, a word witch, a writing coach, and the leader of the Sovereign Writers’ Knot writing community.  

Episode 1: An Interconnected Dream

Episode 2: At the Edge of the World

Episode 3: Creation, Disintegration, and the Labyrinth of Women’s Time

Episode 4: There’s No Such Thing As Apocalypse