Meeting ~j.

Spring 2019 was a magical time for me. I met Liliana Kleiner  at the Jung Institute in Victoria where she was giving a talk on the Archetype of the Goddess, Inanna. I was fired up enough by Liliana’s talk to leave my card on her table where dozens gathered waiting to chat with her. Surprise! The next morning, I got a call from Liliana and an invitation to visit her secluded Galiano Island home. I did. We spent a delicious morning, went into town to have lunch and spoke of many things. That visit and subsequent conversations are deeply etched in my consciousness. I recommend strongly a visit to her website!

Co-incidentally, an email from another friend asked if I would visit an elderly long-time friend of hers at Nanaimo. Yes, I would.

And so, I met ~j. Dreamer, artist, and woman with a history. We walked and chatted about her life, her deeply troubled life with abuse and back at her apartment, we took a video, some pictures and she gifted me with a hand stitched labyrinth and a piece of her Goddess pottery. You will find these on my altar.

Now in her 80s, her story remains painfilled. Her art work is stunning. In our conversation, I gently suggested that perhaps she could reframe her story to find the deep learning, the gift that shines through the wounds within. The gifts of her woundedness. To release the bitter gall of drinking the cup of sexual abuse. Would she share the gift that shines through her. Perhaps some Christ peace/Inanna peace was already waiting deep in her very soul. We corresponded back and forth a few times on email. ~j commented often on my Dreams Along the Way Facebook posts. One message stood out. It came shortly after our visit.

In my dream last night, I was firing a new kiln and realizing the heat was not rising ~ I needed to re-adjust some bricks, and so much more I had to do ~ oh my, the dream goes on. And yesterday as I was walking on the walkway by the sea, the tide was extremely low ~ the sea floor was full of all kinds of stones ~reflecting and looking at all these stones ~ it said, “~j, you are being fired. (kiln)”

In June 2020 I contacted ~j to see how she was in these troubled Covid-19 times. Her drawings had shifted nd lightened considerably. She uses some beautiful pastels in her work. I asked her if she would share. And so, the story continues.

June 20, 2020

Good morning Pearl ~ grateful for you ~

You, the pearl ~ love, light, dreams



August 08, 2020

I share some of my drawings and yes you can transfer them onto your website with credit. I just draw what comes up from my deep. Always drawing the Goddess who births and who continues to birth.

The drawings are my story of 85 years of life coming in October, 2020. The old programs of the Catholic male God I have buried. The Goddess has risen and is birthing a strong ‘animus’ in my consciousness.

I am so grateful to have understood the meaning of ‘animus’ by Carl G. Jung. I have put words into these drawings but they are deeper than meanings of words.  These drawings are living symbols through TIMES.

All good here, Covid has changed the world. For me I see Covid as a great TEACHER.  She will keep on teaching.

I am drawing from black graphite pencils to adding colors now. Working out what the creative spirit reveals.  And reading and learning.  I am keeping healthy and walking along the sea walkway.

Jung and Archetypes

I include some drawings. My drawing skills are what they are, putting on paper my both feminine and masculine energy as one.

In my dreams and drawings closures of past patterns and programs are at work.

Heat of the Sun
Heat of the Sun

Good to read the sun rise in Alberta was luscious.

Love, light, wine/bread

~ j.

August 24, 2020

Good morning Pearl,

Last year, I shared your story with a friend.  She was at that time living a life made of chaos.   She had experienced childhood abuses, betrayals and abandonment.  Lost and searching she asked to borrow your book. “I, the Woman, Planted the Tree”. I lend her the book to read.  She still has it.

Your book, is nourishments for many of us who are searching for who we are. Who are ourselves?
We have been conditioned for thousands of years to serve ‘men’.

As a child I experienced a faith based on a male God. Later in my life I have discovered a Goddess, a nourishing mother/father as ONE Energy. ~ I have discovered that I was not alone in my search for who am I.

I have discovered in your book that you also were looking and searching for our Pearl, for courage, strength of mind, learning to say NO when needed, to stand tall after many betrayals, of thoughts I’m not good enough.

This is 2020. Wow what a beautiful human journey in light, in darkness, in light.

Reading your book is like looking in the mirror of life and able to say, your story Pearl is/was a companion on my journey to discover my / self, I am grateful to have met you in your book.

We are women /‘animus’ ~ we are men /‘anima’ ~ we are nourishments of comm-union with love, light and dreams.


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