A Testimonial

Recently, I received the following Testimonial in my website! Thank you so much for your kind words

Hi Pearl,
I am a 63 yr old mature woman and am in the process of reading your book I, Woman Planted the Tree and would like you to know that I am enjoying it so very much! Even tho’ I feel and sense deeply the hardships, alienation and aloneness that you experienced in your healing journey, there is such profound beauty and purity in your story.

I, too, was raised in the Catholic tradition with all of its patriarchal trappings and I fully understand how women can feel so imprisoned and spiritually impoverished in that paradigm! What struck me the most about your story is the synchronicity with my own life – I now live in the Kootenays, near the city of Nelson, B.C. but Ii used to live in Grande Prairie, Alberta; and my husband was born in Edmonton and raised in New Sarepta. In fact, the “old family homestead” (still inhabited by his nephew) is still out there. Kind of odd! I also have been paying attention to dreams and receiving life-changing messages from those dreams for years. Many of the major decisions I’ve made in my life have come from insights gleaned from dreams. I love all the references you’ve made to Jungian analysts and spiritual writers.

LOVE your work. If I was anywhere near Edmonton I would be taking your workshops! Thanks so much for sharing your story and helping contribute so much to helping women free themselves.


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