The Watchman’s Canoe: A young girl uncovers the purpose of her soul.

A coming of Age film. A great story and a deep soul knowing.

The Watchman’s Canoe Website Link

“The Journey to Discovery. A young girl named Jett struggles to fit in with her peers on the reservation because of her mixed descent. When she turns to the trees to shield her from her bullies, she realizes she has a special connection with the nature around her. With the help of a tribal Watchman, she embarks on a spiritual journey to discover her destiny.”

 Who are you? What do you know and understand about the agenda of your soul? Or, what is your destiny?. Are you a member of the consumerism tribe where your days and nights are dedicated to Making Money and Being a “Success”? Or, is your soul journey more related to knowing your purpose, your destiny. I was 43 years old when I read a book that said I could ask for a dream. A dream? Seriously. Yes. And within 6 months of doing The Work, I was healed of clinical depression and discovered that I had indeed stumbled into my life’s work, teaching. And teaching included learning who I was! We teach what we need to know. I am now 75 years old. My soul work? Teaching, healing, learning, teaching. Did I say teaching? For it is through teaching that my healing work happens. Teaching people to work with their dreams: I teach through individuals, groups, workshops, and through the books I have written about my own journey through dreams. Meditation. Journalling. Writing. Dreams. Literary anthropology. Lectio Divina.

Today, ask yourself these questions.

A. What is the agenda of my soul?

B. What am I doing to fulfill the agenda of my soul?

C. And, how will (fill in the blank) this serve the agenda of my soul?

Learning to be who you came to the planet to be?

That is the work of a lifetime.

No more honourable nor sacred work is possible.

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