The Descent of Inanna: The Woman who Planted the World Tree

I consider this a very exciting podcast. Over the past few weeks, I have teamed up with Marisa Goudy, author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love and Magic. Together we crafted this oral storytelling with the Goddess Inanna in celebration of the emerging Divine Feminine.  Inanna, Goddess of the Upperworld, is at the core of a 6,000-year-old myth from ancient Sumer. In three books told through many many dreams, I journey through the Myth of Inanna and heal my clinical depression through dreams, prayer, and meditation together with journaling.

Upon the request of her sister Ereshkigal, Inanna pays a visit to the Underworld. As she passes through each of the seven gates, more of her symbols of power, intellect, and wealth are stripped away. Upon arrival at the Gates of the Underworld, Inanna is sentenced to death by her sister Ereshkigal. As is the way of myth, death is intricately connected to rebirth. Through the intercession of her father, Enki, God of Wisdom and Light, Inanna is revived and ascends to the Upperworld, renewed and transformed. At least… those are the basics.

This retelling of the Inanna myth is a deep dive into contemporary dreams and timeless truths about the emergence of the feminine.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recreating this Ancient Story for modern people.

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