Why Should You Learn How To Work With Your Dreams?

The self-help movement has been wildly popular in North America for several decades now. Learning to know more about yourself and learning how to be more yourself is a life-long process. However, dreams go far deeper than self-help! Dreams access psychic depths.

When people first come to see me about working with dreams, they often say something like, “I want to know/improve/understand/learn more about myself. How long will this process take.” I have developed a simple answer, “How long do you intend to live?”

Following the example of Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung, learning to work with the symbols in dreams is a lifelong process. The dreams of children, teenagers, young adults, midlife, and the aging are all different. Learning how to use our brain rather than have our brain use us, is also the work of a lifetime. Learning how to work with your dreams is a massive investment in your long term health and well-being. Every person dreams. You can learn to remember your dreams, learn processes to decode or interpret the symbolism and even to incubate a dream. The benefits are never ending. If you have spent any time trying to understand the outer world, how much time and effort are you putting into learning about your own inner world? Your hidden potential is absolutely amazing. Learning to interpret and work with your dreams is an excellent way to unlock your own potential!


How do facilitated dream work groups add to our learning?

You are the only person with the knowledge of your life. Over your years of living you have developed multiple interpretations of the meaning of words, events, ideas and experiences. Only you have experienced your life. And you certainly can learn a good deal working with one other trusted confidante–someone with whom you trust and can discuss your secrets and private feelings. Working in a one-to-one relationship with a dream worker works for many people. It is much more difficult alone.

You can do the research necessary to broaden your understanding for your experiential associations with your dreams will limit your understanding immensely! Going beyond your own knowledge is imperative! Research. Learning. Dreams offer us a deep look into our personal unconscious and also the collective unconscious.

How can the group help you? Well, rule number one of dream work is GURU. Yes, Gee You are YOU. Not one other person will know what your dream is offering you. So, why bother with the group? Because the group can help add to, deepen and broaden your ideas and your translations. Often, by ourselves we reach some quick and literal answer that keeps us happy and we then move on. In the group, we learn to question that initial interpretation and to participate in multiple processes that add to the possibilities. Quantum physics has proven that we are all connected. Jung wrote extensively on the collective unconscious. We can learn a great deal working in a community of dreamers. We can share resources and if we work together over a period of time begin to see the dream patterns.

Further, a skilled dream facilitator helps by asking questions and assisting participants to learn more about how dreams work in the inner world.

In my experience, a dream workshop along with several followup sessions is sufficient to start learning. Then, individuals pursue dream work in a variety of ways.

What are you learning from your dreams? We’ll write about that in the next post. In the meantime, if you are interested in a workshop or individual sessions, you can complete the contact form and I’ll be happy to speak with you.


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