Readers asked … some excellent questions. My answers.

Dreams are weird, perplexing, in a foreign language and ….the best learning vessel for serving your soul purpose and becoming your authentic self!!

In preparation for an interview with Catherine Potter several months ago, I asked Dreams Along the Way facebook page readers to send me questions that Catherine might use. You can listen to the interview at 

Here are some very specific answers. Sign up for my next workshop which will be offered via Zoom. Dreams in the times of a pandemic may be somewhat unsettling. Certainly, dreams will be very instructive. Are you paying attention? Writing them down? Watching for patterns?

Are there any books you can recommend to help me remember my dreams?

  • Ask. Simple answer. Ask. Make your intentions clear to yourself! Give yourself permission. Put your journal on your nightstand. Repeat to yourself, “I will remember a dream tonight.” Repeat several times as you are f a l l i n g  a s l e e p. YOU ARE THE DREAMER. Dreams come from within our own self. It may take several nights or one. For me, in the midst of a life crisis, I read a book called Dreams and Spiritual GrowthA Christian Approach to Dreamwork.  The Landing dream arrived that night. You can read all about it and the next 400 dreams that changed my life from the inside out. So, my answer is simple: Ask and you shall receive. I have told my story in a Trilogy of Memoir.

Do you believe in and have you ever experienced lucid dreaming? 

  • I have read about lucid dreaming. Taken courses on lucid dreaming. Yes. It is entirely possible. For me, that is a control approach to life that leaves me wondering why bother? I want answers from deep, deep, deep within my self. There are dozens of books available. Jayne Gackenbach is a well known Alberta experimental psychologist in the field of lucid dreams.  Would lucid dreams have retrieved the little child roots of my clinical depression? I don’t know. I learned about lucid dreaming well after learning that dreams, journaling, meditation and bibliotherapy were deeply effective!

Dreams with physical sensations sometimes occur just before I awaken. Are these dreams or something else?

  • Dreams are delightful reminders that we are mind, body, soul, and spirit! Western philosophy, helped a good deal by the Christian separation of body from soul, has left us living mostly outside the body. In my world, dreams returned me to live within my body. It was a very, very difficult learning. “Stay in your body Pearl.” How often did my yoga instructor, Beth McCann, author of Awakening Sleeping Beauty: My Journey through Yoga gently pull me off the ceiling where my soul hovered Beside Myself. It took many years and many tears to take up full time residence in my own self. So, yes, these are dreams involving the body, mind and soul.

In times of stress I cannot remember my dreams. What can I do for better dream remembrance in stressful times? 

  • Great question during Covid19 pandemic! I have no sure-fire, absolute answer. I would suggest leaving screen time aside for at least an hour before retiring. I would also suggest falling asleep to a deep relaxation meditation. Also, you can join Beth and I every evening Monday through Friday for Meditation and Dreams.
  • Send me a message using the space  below and we will add you to our growing list.
  • You may wish to involve your body in gentle yoga during the day. And, always, repeat: I will remember a dream tonight. Be sure to HONOR the dream by writing it down and reflecting on its potential as you go about your day. I offer individual sessions and a week long Dream Sanctuary. Both methods led to increased dreaming. Paying attention and self-care work well!

2 thoughts on “Readers asked … some excellent questions. My answers.

  1. Warren Hebert says:

    Curious about deeper aspects of my authentic, genuine “self”, I joined a Dream Writer’s Myth Circle in January of 2021. Carl Jung’s writings about dreams also intrigued me. Since January of 2020 I’ve learned to remember and record my dreams. I’m seeing recurring symbols and patterns that are guiding me to a different understanding of my actions and responses to life events. Having this in my toolbox has been helpful in the midst of emotional turmoil in my life. Thanks to Pearl Gregor and my fellow Dream Circle group for your care and trusting relationships. If you’re at all curious about dreams you can count on a warm, welcoming experience and a soft landing with new friends in the Dream Writer’s Myth Circle. ❤️

  2. Pat Zawada says:

    Pearl has opened up a whole new world for me. This course has taught me how to record my dreams, be aware of the symbols in my dreams and not be afraid to dive deeper into the true meaning of the dream. As we do this we are to discovering aspects of ourselves. Pearl sets up a platform that is safe, supporting and enriching. I just ordered Pearl’s first book, I, the Woman, Planted the Tree: A Journey Through Dreams to the Feminine. I can’t wait to read this.

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