The Metaphysics of Moses or What I didn’t know back then.

Saturday’s discussion with companions on the Journey at Hills Hermit,  took me back a very long time ago to another life. My life … in healing.  This was a playful and delightful fun creation. Writing coming out of a posting on Metaphysics by Janis Hunter.

The Metaphysical Moses I am the woman who planted the tree..,. Reflections on my first book published December 2018, first of three.
“The burning bush incident can be considered the founding of the Hebrew religion …” I now consider the burning bush that appeared one morning in my pasture as the beginning of my new life in new wineskins. (see p. 9)

“I had to go completely crazy to get your attention” a still small voice.

… he killed an Egyptian. By this time he was forty years old. The search for reason ends at the shore of the known; … only the sense of the ineffable can glide. (Abraham Heschel). I was in my early 40s. (p. 3) Reason was illogical. Medical heart tests do not show blocked chakras (p. 7) My reliance logic? I simply wasn’t working! Cue the music!!
But one day in his late 70’s or 80’s his life was changed. 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. Her life changed when she realized the assault on the feminine began centuries before her birth. Lilith (Adam’s first wife, Ancient Hebrew, then Genesis creates the patriarchy and Eve, Greeks, Pandora and … Mother Mary and the evil Catholics. (p. 6. and throughout all three books). And my friend Liliana Kleiner,  Jungian analyst, artist extraordinaire,  origin Jewish/Argentinian tells me that in Hebrew the words Nourishment  Mazon  and Prostitute Zona  come from the same root!

So, my question is what do I really “know” from the Bible? Translation after Translation? …


He would even be different in his religious thought life. Thought experiment.  “And just what kind of angry, avenging God do you believe in anyway?” One question. Never asked before. A thought alternative. First response “Oh, no I believe in a loving God.” Really? Seriously? Then, …. What about sin and all that? (p. 9) And atonement??
He believed it to be the same God that had led Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but now he would know this God in a way that they never knew Him. Moses saw an unusual phenomenon. He saw a bush burning but it was not being consumed. He heard a voice speaking to him. He was told not to get too close. He was also told to take off his shoes, for he was standing on holy ground. A burning bush. A speaking voice. A dry well? “The answer? From within me. “I need only to believe and the well would fill. Huh? I am 43 years old here. I have been praying for a bazillion years. “Tell Pearl when she is ready to let of old, dusty ideas, murky unclear childish beliefs, then the well will spring forth with water just as the Spirit springs forth with love and faith.” Faith? I had yet to learn that my soul speaks in symbols. I had abandoned her somewhere in the Wastelands. (P. 9). Shoes? Cracked shoes in a dream?? (p. 124) 
This voice told him that he was to go back to Egypt and lead the Hebrews to freedom. His reaction to this challenging command was human. He probably said, “Who me?” Egypt. Symbolic of slavery. Go back. Lead your own people (the unknown people within you in your dreams) Lead them out of the land of slavery … Exodus. What is your Exodus Story. Oh, yes. I said a lot more than, “Who me???”
Moses claimed he wasn’t a good speaker so he was told that his brother Aaron would go with him. Aaron.  My inner Christ self. Read Mathew 13 – 23. And the exhortation: Exodus 17:14. Write this down in a document as something to be remembered. I entered the eye of the storm. (p. 37-38). I wrote and published three books. It took many years.If you do not bring forth what is within you what is within you will kill you. Gospel of Thomas and the Power of the Unconscious, Jungian studies  
To Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob God was known as God Almighty, Elohim, the God of nature and history. He wasn’t known as Yahweh or I AM. Moses was told that God as “I AM” was sending him. This was the God Presence within him. To Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob God was known as God Almighty, Elohim, the God of nature and history. He wasn’t known as Yahweh or I AM. In the Teachings of the Inner Christ (I, the Woman, p. 38 and 39) (condemned by the hierarchy and many others who take hierarchy as the word of God on High). Yes. I participated in the evil practice of channeling. And was healed at the deepest level of my being. And so, really? So, I am not a priest, bishop, or even the Pope and anyway. I don’t qualify by gender, but even women can talk to the God within.

I began in 1988 by writing two pages of mantras. Each statement beginning with I am

I am love… and so on and so on. And I came to know, love and trust the God Presence within… evolution writ large!  

Moses may have thought he was having an objective experience but it was a subjective one. It wasn’t a God in the heavens that was speaking to him. It was God within him that was speaking to him. It was Yahweh, the Lord. The Bible also expresses this new name as “I am that I am” or “I am who I am.” A Biblical scholar named Albright says that probably means, “He causes to be what comes into existence.” It is the power of God expressing through His many channels, namely human beings, that causes things to come into existence. The power that produces all manifestations is God power. But the manifestations are due to human consciousness. I AM….

Through many channels.

All God power comes through human consciousness. And there I must use discernment. I do not have truth for you or you or you. I have truth for me and then I must always listen to my intuition. And the truth will set you free. My inner voice repeated and repeated that phrase,

And so it did. And “Jesus why is it so hard for me to believe?” (p. 42) 

Dreams are the channel through which I commune with the Divine in me. Psyche meaning soul. Dreams: The Language of the Soul.

This was a major step in humanity’s spiritual growth. God said, “By my name Yahweh I was not known.” We might think of God speaking to Moses saying, “You thought I was just another God outside of you. But here I am, right within you. I will be with you. I will guide you. I will provide for you a new land flowing with milk and honey.” The new land is a new consciousness, an expanded awareness of God and truth. And now, I believe, humanity is on the threshold of yet another massive evolutionary shift. Hence the massive turmoil. And hence the fundamental fear and refusal of many many to acknowledge evolution in the face of all science and cosmology! The many experiencing a “change” in religion. Religure…… root word, ligament, to reconnect to the Source….
At the age of 80 Moses had received a revelation of his major purpose and an expanded vision of God, the God within. He spent the next forty years of his life carrying out that mission. He may have thought he was too old like many think today. But when we are doing what the God within is guiding us to do we are never too old. He may have thought it was too late to make a major change in his life style. He may have thought his wife would not go along with him. Can you imagine what his wife said to him when he went home that day and began talking about a burning bush and a voice speaking to him telling him to go to Egypt? It’s the strangest thing but a month or so after the massive healing of clinical depression (a miracle by any other name unless not performed by authorities) It has taken me many years not to be bitter about the lack of acceptance. I suffered depression from an early age to just 3 months short of my 44th  birthday. My parents were fully accepting. My family of brothers and sisters-in-laws? Oh, big congratulations on writing just …. Well silence. … Seriously? Healing? Not so much. It took me until December 2020. Yes. That long and please don’t give advice on what I coulda’, shoulda’, done and what you who are far and away superior did… I have heard it all. I am sure. All I ask is no response or one or two very simple words.   Either is good.  “That is so good.” “I am soooooo glad” or, “That is so great that you are no longer depressed!” 
This burning bush experience can happen at any age. We do not have to wait until we are 80 years old. You can but ….. It has happened to people of all ages. At eleven Jesus was in the temple astounding the men of wisdom and He said to His parents that He had to be about His Father’s business. He knew what His divine mission was. There is a divine mission or purpose for everyone but not everyone is seeking to discover what it is. Many are so busy with the mundane things of life that they do not take the time for solitude and quiet. I am given to understand that every soul on the planet has a still small voice whispering, “Come Home.” “Come home to me.” (song in Catholic Mass) and yes, we are all heading home. Some on a bicycle. Some on a horse or camel. Some in a Volkswagen and some in a Cadillac! And so, however anyone is going, I remind myself. Each has her own still small voice. My soul purpose, my soul contract? Figure out my own way home. And be kind to everyone on horse, donkey, foot or car!

p. 239, Authoring Self. Come Home dream.  

I find the statement “so busy with mundane things” very judgmental. Who is to say what is mundane? Is washing dishes for a family of 9 with no running water “mundane” Is canning 100 quarts of fruit for that same family, in a home on a wood stove in August?” mundane? What is mundane to the esteemed author. He more than likely has a wife doing the mundane … Please. Do not get me started. At the age of 9 I was saying Mass using my childhood Table and chairs and my three younger brothers, 6, 5, 3 as acoloytes. I’m catholic, remember!! Well.

Moses was also told to take off his shoes. This is a symbolic way of saying, “Moses, you will have to let go of all your human beliefs.” Shoes again. I had two shoe dreams. P. 124 in I, the Woman and more. But tonight I just can’t put a finger on where. But yes, let go of all your beliefs!!! Ouch. For anyone who says how easy it was for them, I have words. They just aren’t printable. Have a bit of respect. Not to mention compassion. I am not you. Nor are you me. The world isn’t me either. I am but a cell within the Infinite God.
Jesus said that unless we are willing to give up every relationship for the kingdom, we will not find it. I have heard people over the years say that they wanted to keep peace in the family by going along with a husband or wife that wasn’t interested in the truth. They probably did not keep peace within themselves or their household. Ah yes. I have had many a meltdown around this theme. My very large Catholic family, some still very much daily communicants, my ancestral tribal DNA goes back to the time of Luther when one branch went Lutheran and the other, Roman Catholic. I have been to the home of my great-great grandparents in Germany. Priests and nuns abound. There are whispers of mystics and … for those who are willing to consider the Akashic records, my heritage is with Christ on the sands at Galilee. Mary Magdalene and I are deeply connected. I read her story, historical fiction, very well researched and written by Margaret George…I listen to Kayleen Asbo. And cry with deep inner connection throughout. Her story is my story. Her leaving her family? I haven’t yet had the courage. But. I have just this December concluded, with peace, that my story of the Burning Bush will be emphasized. I will tell the story of the prebirth, soul contract and the Akashic record connection … Read pages 42 to 73, I the woman.  

And I well remember the words of Father John Rich, “you are your own authority” (Authoring Self, p. 49-50) and then from Sister Sylvia as we said goodbye in Maryknoll Center, August 1991. “Pearl, you will have to deal with your issues of Church.” Authoring Self, p. 55)


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