Dream Readers’ Myth Circle … New Circle Added! June 1, 2020 ON ZOOM

Just recently, a new acquaintance and a dream workshop participant asked if I would read from my books with groups of women. I jumped at the chance to chat with fellow dreamers! The Dream Readers’ Myth Circle is the result of that conversation. Join me to chat about your ideas, questions and comments from my books.

I, the Woman, Planted the Tree: A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine;

Authoring Self: A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine; and,

Cauldron of the Feminine: A Journey through Dreams

For 30 years or more I have worked with dreams and writing. I have been joined in workshops with many brave and brilliant women who are yoga teachers, massage therapists, reiki and shiatsu masters, healers, coaches, energy healers, teachers, mothers, dentists, truckers, secretaries and bankers. All are seekers. I have spent countless hours on the phone, email and in coffee shops listening to women’s dreams. Many of these dreamers are my kin!

Please join me in the Dream Readers Myth Circle. We will create a community of women while reading the Trilogy of Dreams Along the Way. It’s a deep read. Many seek conversation and community as they take a deep dive into their own dream world while reading mine.

When we connect deeply with other women, we connect deeply with ourselves. Opening ourselves up and sharing dreams creates a space of shared vulnerability that leads to deep connection – the thing that we all, as human beings, crave more than anything. We all have a deep-rooted need to be heard by others. We will be mindful of the needs of others to share and to be heard.

We will begin each dream circle with a short, deep meditation. This is our chance to breathe deeply!! To listen deeply to ourselves!!  And to share many thoughts and questions!

See the Myth Circle Sessions Available Here

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