A Journey Through Dreams to the Feminine

I am embarking on a very new venture in the world of dreams and energy work. A trilogy of books tentatively called Dreams Along the Way.

I, the Woman, Planted the Tree
A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine
Book one of Dreams Along the Way trilogy

Authoring Self

A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine
Book two of Dreams Along the Way trilogy

Cauldron of the Feminine

A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine
Book three of Dreams Along the Way trilogy

The trilogy will be available on Amazon, and on many electronic platforms such as Kindle and Kobo. I am excited, scared and amazed. This trilogy began as a one-entry journal in 1986. The one entry journal became a flood of meditations and dream work April 1988 to October 1996. I have many many dreams since then, however, this trilogy focuses on healing and the journey to the Divine Feminine.

Over the years, I filled dozens and dozens of journals. I wrote. I recorded ideas on a hand held recorder in my car as I drove. I wrote in restaurants from Leduc to Lac La Biche to Fort McMurray and Fort McLeod. I recorded thoughts, dreams, new ideas from literally hundreds of books. I read. I listen to books on tape as I drove thousands of miles in Alberta on a job I loved. I completed a doctorate, raised my family, welcomed grandchildren and buried my husband of 31 years.

Then, beginning in January 2015 I began to write in earnest. My life is deep, richly textured and delightful. As a first time author, much of the work of marketing is my responsibility. That means, I am moving far, far, far out and away from my comfort zone!

I am asking for a little help from my friends as this next stage of life begins to unfold. On March 3, 1990 as I headed out for Wainwright, Alberta to do a social studies workshop with secondary teachers and unit planning, a voice spoke. Write. Write Dreams Along the Way. And, so, I have followed the voice of my soul.

I hope you will find something of value in my writing.


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