The Dark Feminine, Black Madonna, Cosmic Mary –The Multiple Facets of The Great Mother

The Great Mother

This is #1 in a series of posts leading up to Christmas, 2020.

As I begin I am drawn back, very far back into the early beginnings of my endless search for The Great Mother. I affirm my willingness to receive all the insight necessary at this time.

I have deeply contemplated the paradox of detached passion. I intend this work I do as my way manifest my deep love for Creation. I will rejoice WITH the earth!  And I will sing, “We are made whole in our Connection.”

On Sunday, November 29, 2020 I will begin the journey through Advent with The Abbey of the Arts, Galway, Ireland. Via the Internet

The Sea of Galilee from the Mount of the Beatitudes  credit to  ©️ z designs!

Across the world The Great Mother is known by many different names in many different cultures and places.What do you know about the story/myth of the Goddess Lilith?


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