Tucson, Arizona. Dreams and Learning. Learning. Always Learning.

The process of becoming … psychoanalyst, therapist, dream worker, social worker, teacher, writer or … The dynamic process of inner change. Change.

I just returned from an Assisi Institute Dream Conference in Tucson, Arizona with Dr. Michael Conforti who founded the Assisi Institute 30 years ago. Titles of his publications may be found resources on this site. I will also post several others of great interest to teacher healers.

I met many amazing, accomplished, brilliant and caring people. I would love to introduce you to each and every one. Writers, scholars, therapists, social workers, a mythologist, analysts, and that’s just a start.

One young woman, Vanessa Bright, spoke with me Saturday night over dinner. I shared my life story of Dreams Along the Way, I, the Woman, Planted the Tree. She shared her mid-life story of immigration with her single mother from the eastern steppes of Asia, seeking religious freedom, being educated and becoming a psychoanalyst. Stories of inner work. Women stories. People stories. As Thomas King says, “We are all Stories.” We decided to link our blogs and broaden our work.I hope you enjoy her blog.

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