Dreams Work!

Jennifer Wrzosek, author of The Jumping Fish, emailed me earlier this year. In the spring of 2018, Jennifer attended a dream workshop at the home of my niece Bernice Kramps Zenner just east of Grande Prairie. Think, this book came to be … because of Jennifer learning … Ask for a dream!!

What a delightful story! The Flying Fish can be found on Amazon or Friesen Press.

My testimony…

About two years ago I attended a Dream workshop facilitated by Pearl Gregor. We were asked to share a dream that we could not figure out. The  dream I shared was about birthing a deformed child and hiding it.  Pearl responded with her technique of, “If this were my dream.”    Workshop participants cannot interpret another person’s dream but they can share their own experiences or insights. Pearl stated that if it were her dream,  she would be looking at what part of her creative self she was wanting to hide.

I then told her about my book. I had started writing a children’s book but had  lost the manuscript. I was sure it was in a specific binder but it wasn’t!! Pearl suggested that when I went to bed that night, if I really wanted to find it and move forward with it, I should ask my dream self to show me where it was. It was revealed, that same night, that I had it tucked in a folder (not the binder that I was looking for). What an affirmation about the power of dreams!! My finished book is now published; it is called The Jumping Fish and can be purchased through Amazon or Friesen Press.

Dream work, WORKS! Thanks Pearl J

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