Who is reading Books One and Two?

Turns out, the answer is “A lot of different folks!”

Authoring Self: A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine was published May 24, 2019. For a few days, May 31 to June 3, 2019 it alternated between #1 and #2 on the Hot New Releases list on Amazon.ca It’s nearest companion on the List? Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions. Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt, Editors. You could not possibly buy better marketing! Book Two got its first book review the day after it appeared in Kindle! More on that review later! Annie Dillard with an academic twist!!

I, the Woman, Planted the Tree: A Journey through Dreams to the Feminine was published December 12, 2109. It is doing well. This from one reader: “I encourage anyone who is interested in symbolism, dreams, Jungian psych, depression, healing, feminism, a critical look at the patriarchy in the Catholic Church, myths and the rising of the Divine Feminine to read this book. If any of that puts you off, then I doubly encourage you to read it.”

I have heard directly from both men and women; a retired lawyer, a Jesuit priest, art therapists, secretaries, teachers, government office workers, ex-nuns, dedicated Catholics, authors, friends and friends of friends plus university professors. And, from some who share only their first name. I have had contact with those not confident enough to make a public comment. I do encourage those readers to risk maybe 10 – 15 words?

I thank every last one of the folks who have contacted me either directly or through social media. Every single person who buys a book!

I am an Indie author. I appreciate every purchase, comment, recommendation, review, Facebook share, or website read.

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