Tree of Life, September 28, 1989

In my dream I am in the kitchen of our farm home. Two beautiful, ethereal figures appear at the back entrance, one male one female. They are wearing deep, royal blue suits such as astronauts. Their shoulders are dusted with white. They glow  softly, within an orb of light. I think it is my eldest son and his girlfriend, home early for Christmas. I wonder why they are early and why they did not tell us they were coming. Behind them are beautiful, fluffy snowflakes falling gently. Christmas music fills the air. “I’m fine, Mom.” Deep relief floods through me. As I stand in the kitchen, an evergreen tree appears as a Christmas tree but without the decorations. It falls gently over top of me. I am filled with amazing peace.

As I awaken, it is as though I have been visited by angels. It is mystical, magical,  ethereal. Beyond mere words. I am gloriously happy with the message from my son. Often I am able to “speak” to him over distance. The snow symbolizes purity, but also frozen feelings. The evergreen tree symbolic of The Tree of Everlasting Life throughout years of Goddess religion (often called pagan by those who have never checked the etymology of the word!) Pagan simply means ‘people of the earth’ and early beliefs, contrary to  the patriarchal rational thinking of today, were centered on the earth which they knew clearly was their only means of survival. The evergreen tree in the dream brings the freedom of new birth, the melding of the tree of life with the life of spirit, Christ within me. Christ energy lives in my kitchen. As I have explained in other posts, the kitchen is symbolic of sustenance, transformation, change, the heart of the home. Many events and processes occur in our farm home kitchen. I often sit there to read, write or cry in my struggle to integrate the changes that are occurring within. Jung refers to the Self as the aspect of divinity with human beings. This dream brings further gifts. I have always had a love of trees, the forest, the earth and Her gardens. Gardening is my deepest delight. This dreams brings the gift of everlasting life as have the trees throughout the history of earth peoples.

I flow
I am child.
Awe. Mystery. Wonderment.
February 9, 2015

Entering this dream as a blog, I am deeply aware of its gifts. It remains vividly blue, the figures clearly embedded within. The images come to me often when I meditate or pray. If I were an artist, I imagine painting this scene. I have tried, without much success. I consider a collage of ethereal blues for my study. I search the internet. No image captures the beauty of this dream. None. I chose an image that may be beautiful but falls far short. And an image from my own farm garden. My farm gardens support and sustain me always.


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