Gotcha, August 9, 1989


“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

~ C. G. Jung


The dream is very hazy. I see a letter in a newspaper which says, “He will get you”. I wake up.
When I awaken, I am very aware of the intense fear I feel in the dream. I am also very aware of the negative overtones of recent dreams. Unfortunately, I do not write every one of them down.

According to Jungian theory, some dreams are compensatory, meaning, rather than the psyche being overwhelmed by fears, dreams bring the fear to the surface to allow me to deal with it.

My Journal is filed with notes from many spiritual books from all manner of writers. There are references to the Bible, Uncreated Energy, George Maloney, S.J., as well as so called New Age. I meditate often and I know that in the silence and stillness lies peace.



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